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Teri Sklar

Teri Sklar is a full time mediator. She specializes in mediation of litigated cases as well as disputes where parties want to avoid legal action. She has been an attorney since 1978 and was an active litigator until 2004 when her focus changed to mediation. She mediates a wide variety of disputes for diverse populations and is conversant in Spanish. In addition to her work as a solo mediator, she works as an integrative mediator where she co-mediates with either a mental health professional or financial advisor to provide a setting they can work together with the parties and their attorneys to navigate through difficult and traumatic situations. Teri Sklar believes creating a safe space for people to explore their own emotional reactions and dig deeply to figure out what really matters to them as well as to the others involved in the dispute gives everyone the opportunity to come up with resolutions which are meaningful, satisfying and long-lasting.

For more information, see her website at http://sklarmediation.com

Teri Sklar’s practice areas include: Elder Mediation (Elder Care, Adult Family Disputes, Estate Planning, Inheritance Disputes, Elder Abuse), Employment, Wrongful Termination, Wage and Hour, Intra-Organizational Disputes, Business, Landlord/Tenant, Real Estate, Civil Rights, Discrimination, Disability, ADA Access, Education, Attorney-Client Fees, Victim-Offender, Police Practices, Personal Injury, and Community and Neighbor Disputes.

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